Services :

Workshops : The need of the hour is always predicted and Industry always looks to share new Innovations or are in search of new avenues come together to the focused subject Plan their new thoughts of implementation. The faculty we derive are stalwarts on the subject, with high experiences and great expertise. They are given a preview of the industry as the need of the hour, the challenges and objective to derive a module of solutions which becomes the basis of the workshop. Contacts are made with the corporate as to know the core of the subject that need to be addressed. This makes the participation involved, interactive and value added time earned rather than “Trial and Error” methods which is cost oriented and leaving a gap to productivity.

These workshops are though classified as “ soft skills” and “Technical skills” we term them as “Skill Share Technology” (SST)

Conferences : Multiple speakers from varied Industry come on a common platform to share their views, and interact with the Industry giants who look forward to find solutions and derive thoughts which are un-biased and to benefit the Industry-Sector on a unison thought pattern. Industry issues are huge and every sector will have different perspective, challenges are a lot, but we drive these challenges and opportunities and make a core of the subject and invite top leaders of the industry to look at the spectrum of solutions.

Forums : Various industry challenges are inter-woven & linked to constitute a forum of industries, the trade bodies, the associations who come to a consensus which are transparent and responsiveness There-by making such forums worth attending.

Conventions- Meets : Some of the events act as Annual Meet where-in it is a single stop for business and trade., we, at the HMG Conventions-meet, bring in foreign participants, foreign trade, to be a part of business exchange thereby providing an opportunity with transactions. Such calendar events brings out yearly opportunity for knowing the latest development and upgrading technology and become trade catalysts for the buyers-meet-the-sellers theme.

In House Training : Every Industry today looks at learning as the best way of knowledge-share. Keeping this industry need in mind, We act as catalyst in organizing such need based training programmes at the client’s convenient place & time, our services extend in providing the need based expertise, complete with pre and post follow ups in accordance to the client’s technical satisfaction. We, as an Industrial training service providers, consider in-house training as the most viable and affordable option.